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Mer de Noms by AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL Mer de Noms :iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 1 1 John Lennon - The Dreamer by AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL John Lennon - The Dreamer :iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 2 0 Omega by AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL Omega :iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 1 0 Right in Two by AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL Right in Two :iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 0 0
My Sweet Pain Sugar
My sweet indulgence.
Lips like candy.
Eyes on fire
Filling my dreams with wine
Intoxicating my senses.
My lungs burn.
Heart falls to ashes.
Whispers cause shivers to dance wildly.
I'm almost too shy to scream.
It's too much.
Too soon.
Self-destruction seems to by my only option.
You caught me in a little white lie.
Once again, my will fails.
I'm back in your arms
Stumbling for words.
I cannot breathe.
I don't even want you.
I need you.
 Don't despair, I hardly care.
I'd hate to hurt you for this.
I don't even know your name
And I'm already addicted.
I cannot move.
Your heart has taken me prisoner.
This could very nearly be the end of me.
The chorus plays a romantic massacre
And then I realize it's you.
You've got me this time.
You bit my lip and drank a losing war.
I was born again
As if I never lived.
My own sanity cannot save me now
Though I cannot deny
You are mine too.
:iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 1 1
Immaculate Misconceptions
Judgement surges through their veins
Bleeding hatred through scraped fingertips.
Opinions crumble to accusation.
Eye clouded by faith.
Is this how the world has turned?
More respect for the dead these days.
Always believeing in the right or wrong.
I am an enemy of everything.
Is this the perfect society He creates?
Races torn by filthy lies.
Traitors and patriots sleeping in the same grave.
Conformity flows rampant through the system.
They may have power, but my soul is not for sale.
I am here to stay.
I will bring the light and the darkness.
They act as if our souls are lost.
Always preaching religion down our damned throats,
Claiming there is no other way.
Look in the fucking mirror!
Society is for the hypocrites.
I refuse to conform, comply, or obey to deciet.
I am just as human as the next person.
Who are they to say I am "in the wrong?"
Virgins dress like sluts anymore.
"Holy" men sleep with the underaged.
Politicians keep the
:iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 0 1
Life, Death, Repeat
Life, death, repeat. Does it end? Can it restart?
In sickness or health, I live on and on.
Through darkness, through moonight.
We are bound to vessels-
A blessing, a curse.
Plagued with questioning and reason
We are labelled, faught, sold, broken, scarred
For a purpose still unknown.
My soul is chained, bound to another.
A boy with no name.
Voice like honey, gaze like wine.
My heart falls deeper, smothering.
 Is this not something to live for?
I am frightened.
This emotional massacre takes its toll.
I may have found my purpose, my mission.
If we can be saved with loneliness
I may as well be damned.
He drives me into blissful madness.
There is no way out of this oppression.
He is my Dorian Gray,
Light capturing his chilling corpse.
His beauty - blinding.
He is oblivion.
Yet I am darkness.
He is loveless - my heart is raped and torn.
My own thoughts scatter in needles.
We scream in sweet agony.
My skin shatters like glass.
Our souls tremble and tumble.
I fell in love
Just to se
:iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 1 5
Last Heaven I: Chapter 5
V. Bright Lights, Strange Alibis
"Ruki, we may have a slight problem with Project Uruha." Ruki jumped from his desk as if he had heard a bomb set off. He felt his heart nearly flip in place as he rushed through the door of the control room and past a somewhat shocked Reita and a leading scientist at his side. They followed a few feet behind him as he made his way through a crowd of medical professionals all seeming on-edge. He couldn't let his feelings get in the way of a nearly perfect experiment gone awry. He forced back his slightly panicked breathing and motion for Reita to join him in the elevator at the end of the hall. As they were cautiously lowered, the security alarms below them became louder and louder.
Being in such an enviroment would prove dangerous to Ruki's condition. Reita remembered just in time and handed him a set of ear plugs from the pocket of his long black militaristic-style coat. The smaller leader took them quickly and put them in just as the
:iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 0 0
Last Heaven I: Chapter 4
IV. Conquistadors of Convergence
" both decided to risk your priceless lives to give me..this? It seems Reita has been putting a little too much faith in his favorite toy soldiers." Takanori threw a thin stack of documents on his desk. He glared furiously at Kai, who had began to sweat slightly through a stern face. Aoi stood to his right and reached into his computer backpack for a disk and a small document chip. He nervously placed them on the desk a few meters in front of him. The impatient commander raised a brow and took hold of the disk. "Good work boys." He gingerly placed the disk into the control panel behind him and a strange array of decoded Russian documents covered the screen.
The two agents glanced at one another. Kai shook off his self-doubt as the smaller official turned back to face them. He gave them a sly smirk as he got all of what he needed, or wanted. It seemed he wasn't wasting his time with these two after all, though he couldn't be completely honest with
:iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 0 0
Last Heaven I: Chapter 3
III. A Moth Under The Skin
His new skin crawled and his mind stung with a foreign sense of hightened awareness. His breathing was steady, too steady. He barely remembered the occurances of the day before and suddenly felt that he didn't want to remember. He felt..different. Something had changed and he couldn't quite place it. He willed his eyes open to be greeted with the sting of a familiar white light that surrounded and purged any darkness in the room. His limbs seemed to be bound securely for whatever reason escaped him as he tested his strength on the straps. He couldn't even remember how long he had been in this room. He tried to lift his head slowly and pain instantly took over in waves. A hopeless whimper was all he could manage.
"Takashima Kouyou.." Somehow, he didn't detect this new presence coming into the room through his screaming headache. He recognized this deep intoxicating voice, but couldn't place the name. Was he talking to him? He looked to
:iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 0 0
Last Heaven I: Chapter 2
II. Tomorrow Never Dies

"Kai, we have an incoming intruder in .21 seconds. Engage at 62 degrees." The hacker typed mindlessly at his laptop as he secured the hallway cameras of the corrupt facility. He quickly brushed strands of long dark layers out of his sight. To his right lay his messy-haired commerade sniper quietly loading his powerful rifle. Locking his sights on a clumsy enemy from down the flickering hallway, he positioned the gun just under the door of the dilapidated room they set up in hiding temporarily. Without a moment for the enemy to spare, Kai shot the enemy soldier precisely in his chest.
"Got it. Let's get the hell out of here." The sound of the shot would surely bring the attention of the rest of the enemy's crew to snuff out the problem. "Aoi, let's go. We don't have anymore time to fuck with their systems-" No sooner than he stood up to sling his rifle on his back, a bullet barely missed his head and went through a spike of his hair. Commands we
:iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 0 0
Last Heaven I: Chapter 1
I. Venomous Spider's Web
Stay calm. Don't breathe. Just keep still. This is all agent Takashima Kouyou trained for. The dark around him blended into black leather and barely gave a hint of light eyes locked onto a knowing target. His automatic gun was only half loaded but it would have to be enough for whatever loomed on the other side of that door. He stood quietly beside an office desk full of valuable documents. Time had run out to gather any more for this mission. Careful footsteps followed the white halls outside. More came soon after as Kouyou looked down to see a figure cast a shadow at the bottom of the door.
There's too many, he knew this would be another suicide mission. It wouldn't be the first time he was forced into a situation like this; his hands began to tremble over the trigger. His heart was the only thing he could hear louder than the heavy boots walking in uniformity. The corded phone on the desk began to ring loudly and rapidly. Without thinking, h
:iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 0 0
Rusty Decay by AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL Rusty Decay :iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 1 0 My Sun by AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL My Sun :iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 0 0 Closer to the Edge by AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL Closer to the Edge :iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 0 0 Lovely Lilac by AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL Lovely Lilac :iconakiyaxbilltokiohotel:AkiyaXBillToKiOHoTeL 1 0


I Found You by GothicNarcissus I Found You :icongothicnarcissus:GothicNarcissus 73 7 Breathe by LanaTustich Breathe :iconlanatustich:LanaTustich 26 14 Little House by LanaTustich Little House :iconlanatustich:LanaTustich 52 14 Golden Girl by LanaTustich Golden Girl :iconlanatustich:LanaTustich 28 8 Across the Universe by LanaTustich Across the Universe :iconlanatustich:LanaTustich 198 42 Forgotten Memories by LanaTustich Forgotten Memories :iconlanatustich:LanaTustich 140 44 Silence by LanaTustich Silence :iconlanatustich:LanaTustich 48 15 Angels and demons by zardo Angels and demons :iconzardo:zardo 1,382 143 It's Time To Live by LanaTustich It's Time To Live :iconlanatustich:LanaTustich 673 132 Milk by fairyladyphotography Milk :iconfairyladyphotography:fairyladyphotography 381 16 Pause by Aegis-Illustration Pause :iconaegis-illustration:Aegis-Illustration 192 14 Shelter by Aegis-Illustration Shelter :iconaegis-illustration:Aegis-Illustration 191 27 Vlad Tepes the son of Devil by Elveo Vlad Tepes the son of Devil :iconelveo:Elveo 52 3 Let it burn by LinkyQ Let it burn :iconlinkyq:LinkyQ 59 6 Spring is coming by ironautumn Spring is coming :iconironautumn:ironautumn 16 2 Flux by Eirescei Flux :iconeirescei:Eirescei 783 41



Hmm, it's been a while since my last journal..or my last uploaded deviations for that matter. Sorry for any inconvenience anyone may have stumbled upon during my forced exile. I finally have obtained a way to reach the web and I just might be back for good. To whoever comes across this, you may notice some drastic changes in my perspective as an artist and a person through my progressing work. I have quite a few paintings and drawings to upload here, so cling to patience. Anyway, the dark agender ginger knows as Alexandre Constantine Star Mitchell, is back.

I shall be uploading a fanfiction set with the band members of the GazettE: Ruki, Reita, Uruha, Aoi, and Kai, in an underground Japanese military operation, which leads to betrayal, loss, and like any governmental story, experimentation. Due to the length  and weight of the text I have put upon my shoulders, I shall upload it in chapters. The complete story may result in two or possibly three parts. Hope whoever dares to read will enjoy the eccentricity of my dark humor and unusual imagination. ;)

  • Listening to: GazettE - Beautiful Deformity
  • Reading: My new fanfiction (heheh).
  • Watching: My life falling through oblivion.
  • Playing: With my sanity.


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